What do you want to learn today?
  • Harmony Masterclass

    In this class we'll take a trip through popular music from mixed genres and eras to understand why and how harmony works. By understanding how harmony has influenced generations of music you'll gain a thorough understanding of chord progressions, chord functions, chord substitutions, harmonic analysis, how to solo over any chord progression using chord tones and scales, and how to apply this wisdom in your daily practice.
    30 Steps
    66 Students
  • All About Triads

    If you want a comprehensive understanding of triads and some examples of what you can do with them, then get your head stuck amongst this Masterclass! I'll talk about chords, arpeggios, harmony, melody, and teach you examples of every instance that you can add to your vocabulary, and even evolve on.
    36 Steps
    101 Students
  • CAGED Fretboard Visualisation Masterclass

    How is it possible to remember and master all of the scales, modes, and chords on guitar, whilst having an impeccable sense of awareness on the neck when improvising or composing? Well, experienced guitar players have the ability to build these principles ‘on the spot’ as a reflection of their ability to visualise the guitar neck at ease. This course will give you a method that will allow you to visualise your entire neck clearly, leaving little to no gaps in your knowledge of the fretboard.
    29 Steps
    349 Students
  • Essential Theory For Guitarists

    If you’re relatively new to music theory, or concerned that you have gaps in your experience, then this one's for you! This course is all about understanding the foundation principles of music theory, as well as knowing how to apply them across your guitar neck. You’ll learn all of the essential music theory concepts in a musical setting, so that you’ll be able to understand them and quickly apply them into your playing.
    40 Steps
    285 Students