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Triad Arpeggio Exercise II: Arpeggiating & Inverting Chord Progressions

1st October 2018

I will demonstrate a useful and cool exercise/idea for you to try, which you can expand on yourself and use in more practical situations.

Arpeggio Inversions

Just like triad shapes and inversions, arpeggios can also be inverted. The easiest way to visualise this is to use the familiar C, A, and E shape arpeggios to help you see the positions and inversions relative to the root.

The backing track provided highlights the chord progression: Bm, A, G, G.

In the video, I demonstrate how you can follow the chords of the backing track using arpeggio shapes. I take the bottom string set and play a descending 4 note pattern (twice/eighth notes) over each chord. You can try this using each of the three C, A, and E shapes for each chord which gives you three different ways of playing the same arpeggiated chord sequence!

Providing that you can visualise these patterns quickly, you should be able to combine the patterns in any order you choose.

Download the backing track and give it a try!