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Triad Exercise: ii – V – I

19th September 2018
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You will get to know how to use triads in a more practical sense. Not only is this a fun exercise for you to try, but it will also help you become familiar with creating triad chord progressions.

Triad Exercise: ii – V – I

In this exercise we’ll be jumping between the ii, V, and I chords of A major, over the backing track provided. In the video I demonstrate this using all of the available inversions on strings 2 – 4 (D, G, and B).

I encourage you to explore this idea further yourself, and find different ways to play the ii – V – I progression across the other string sets. You can descend, ascend, both horizontally and vertically. The options are almost endless!

For the sake of consistency and familiarity, I encourage you to play the progression: ii – V – I – I. This will keep you in a 4/4 time signature, which is a very pleasant and easy one for humans to follow.

What Else Can I Try?

You can try any combination of chords you can think of! The backing track is not designed to be in either major or minor, so perhaps a good place to start is to try the same exercises in their minor equivalents.