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playing the minor pentatonic scale on acoustic guitar
Beginner, Music Theory
Play Minor Pentatonic Over Major Chords: 1 Simple Trick
Let me share one simple trick with you to help you play all of your favourite minor pentatonic licks over a major key.
headphones resting on sheets of guitar diagrams all about triads
Beginner, Music Theory
The Ultimate Guide To Practice Triads On Guitar: 5 Easy Steps!
Check out these five simple steps that will help you integrate triad practice into your routine seemlessly.
target chord tones
Intermediate, Music Theory
Target Chord Tones: 2 Transformative Examples With The CAGED System
Learn how to target chord tones to improve your solos, with two transformative examples using the CAGED system.
The CAGED System
Intermediate, Music Theory
10 Levels of The CAGED System: Fretboard Visualisation 101
Explore the 10 Levels of CAGED to revolutionise your playing. What level are you?
the best method for visualising triads on guitar
Beginner, Music Theory
The Best Way to Visualise Triads on Guitar
This method will teach you how to easily visualise the neck without memorising complex shapes.
sharp or flat notes on guitar
Beginner, Music Theory
When Are Notes Sharp Or Flat?
Learn the distinction between the two and their most appropriate uses through my demonstrations.
Build Chords on Guitar
Intermediate, Music Theory
Build Chords On Guitar: Everything You Need To Know
Get a solid foundation of chord theory to help you decode any chord notations.
Master Scales on Guitar
Advanced, Music Theory
Master Scales Inside & Out With These 4 Exercises!
See how well you really know your scales with this fresh approach to scale practice.
A man trying to master the pentatonic scale on guitar
Music Theory
Master the Pentatonic Scale Across the Guitar Neck
The pentatonic scale is a versatile and essential tool for creating beautiful melodies and solos, and it's a must-know for any guitarist.


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