All About Triads

If you want a comprehensive understanding of triads and some examples of what you can do with them, then get your head stuck amongst this Masterclass! I'll talk about chords, arpeggios, harmony, melody, and teach you examples of every instance that you can add to your vocabulary, and even evolve on.
· 17th January 2021
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About This Class

Triads are the absolute foundation of music theory and form groundwork for both chord and melody building. If you’re new to music theory then triads should be amongst the first device that you add to your understanding of the guitar. Even if you define yourself as an intermediate guitar player with a fair understanding of triads, this masterclass will be sure to fill in any gaps in your knowledge, and will take you beyond what you could even imagine.

Many teaching resources often over-simplify triads, giving the illusion that you can learn them within such a short timeframe. Whilst it is true that the overall concept of triads is very simple ‘in a nutshell’, learning how to actually practice them, get confident with them, and make music with them is the biggest challenge.

This masterclass will teach you absolutely everything that you need to know about triads.

  • Section 1: The Basics Of Triads

    The first section goes through the absolute fundamentals of triad construction. I’ll go over all triad types and how to build them, and we’ll even talk about inversions across the neck.

  • Section 2: How To Practice Triads

    So you know how to build triads, but you tend to always play the same ones and you don’t know how to elaborate on them? In this section, I’ve got you covered. I’ll share with you some exercises that not only will get you making music already, but will also expand your triad vocabulary tenfold.

  • Section 3: Spread Voiced Triads

    Spread voiced triads are the next stepping stone beyond your simple closed voiced positions. They’ll eventually allow you to bridge the gap towards more complex chord voicings, but will meanwhile provide you a more broad and emotive triad vocabulary.

  • Section 4: Analysis & Application

    In this section we’ll analyse some famous songs across mixed genres to assess how the pro’s use triads, and I’ll also teach you a few of my own melodic finger-style examples.

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