Its Been A While

Want to know how to use triads effectively? It doesn't get any more clear than this! This song is a true triad-fest, and a fantastic showcase of their power. Not only will I teach you how to play this song, but I'll also give you some compositional insights, and there's also a tasty solo at the end with some unusual melodic movements that you can add to your musical vocabulary.
· 6th June 2021
  • Categories: Learn To Play
  • Duration: 50+ minutes of video
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  • Last update: 8th July 2023
  • 15 total steps
  • Backing track included
  • On-screen tabs & diagrams
  • Complete written transcripts
  • Interactive tabs
  • Downloadable tabs
  • Progress tracking
  • Difficulty = Advanced

About This Class

Exercise your skills and have a blast learning this delicately played finger-style track! I’ll break down each section of the song individually for you to learn and analyse, and then you’ll get the change to play along with me during the slow demonstrations.

Whilst learning the song occupies the majority of this class, I will also be sharing some compositional insights along the way for you to get a better understanding of how the track came to be.

Suggested Prerequisites

  • Experience with finger-style technique
  • An intermediate ability with general picking techniques such as sweep picking, speed picking, and common phrasing techniques
  • Discipline to practice and focus
  • Attention to detail

Class Perks

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  • Support & Community
    Get feedback on your progress directly from Darryl and your peers.

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Course Includes

  • 15 total steps
  • Tabs, Backing Tracks, and Diagrams throughout
  • 50+ minutes of video

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