Positive Grid Spark 40 Amp: Review

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The Positive Grid: Spark 40 Amp may look like a small head unit, but it’s actually a powerful 40 watt practice amp that features two speakers in the front! If you’d like a Spark amp review, listen in to the video above for a hands on experience, and multiple demonstrations of what it actually sounds like!

6 Best Features Of The Spark Amp

#1: Smart Band on Demand

When coupled with the free Spark app on iOS or Android, the Spark listens to your playing style and creates drums and bass that play along with you. It’s like having your own smart, virtual band on demand.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing this I was not able to test this feature, but it looks promising and would be an excellent resource for improvisation and impromptu performances.

#2: Play Along with Songs

Using the Spark app, you can play songs directly from YouTube, Spotify, or Apple Music, and the app will even detect the chords for that song. You can then play along at your own pace!

#3: Voice Command

Through the Spark app, you can voice command the amp to play a specific song, provide a backing track, or have your virtual band accompany your performance.

#4: Powered by Bias Engine

The Spark is powered by the Bias engine, offering incredible versatility with sounds, genres, and styles. Using the app and the dials on the unit, you can dial in your favourite tone from various styles. Additionally, the app provides access to Positive Grid’s Tone Cloud, boasting over 10,000 presets for you to explore. You can also share your own custom tones on the Tone Cloud.

#5: Direct Recording

You can connect the Spark 40 directly to your computer or digital audio workstation via USB for high-quality, hassle-free recording. No need for microphones, as you’ll get professional studio tones without any setup complications. It’s essentially an amp with its own built in audio interface!

#6: Instrument Adaptability

Lastly, the Spark isn’t limited to electric guitars. You can also plug in acoustic or bass guitars, and the settings on the unit can be adjusted accordingly. The Tone Cloud offers instrument-specific presets for even more customisation options.


In the Youtube video attached to this post, I demonstrate the sound of the Spark amp through a microphone. This will give you a better idea of how the Spark amp sounds straight out of the box!

Darryl Syms has been teaching guitar for more than 15 years, and in that time has helped thousands of students across the world excel on guitar.

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