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Achieve Your Guitar Goals in 2024
Advanced, Beginner, Intermediate
How To Achieve Your Guitar Goals In 2024
Do you feel stuck in your progress and unsure how to proceed? Let me give you some tips on realistic goal setting, to get you out of your rut right away.
target chord tones
Intermediate, Music Theory
Target Chord Tones: 2 Transformative Examples With The CAGED System
Learn how to target chord tones to improve your solos, with two transformative examples using the CAGED system.
How to solo over chord changes & target chord tones
Intermediate, Technique
How to Solo Using Chord Tones: Learn to Navigate Chord Changes
Stand out from the crowd by learning how to solo WITH chord progressions rather than OVER them.
The CAGED System
Intermediate, Music Theory
10 Levels of The CAGED System: Fretboard Visualisation 101
Explore the 10 Levels of CAGED to revolutionise your playing. What level are you?
Build Chords on Guitar
Intermediate, Music Theory
Build Chords On Guitar: Everything You Need To Know
Get a solid foundation of chord theory to help you decode any chord notations.


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